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Feb. 24th, 2009

I hate being broke. I hate working 6 days a week. I'm always tired, just wanting to come home and watch Snapped or some good drama-filled reality show haha. I need to plan my days better, so that I have time to see everyone!

I miss my girls too.. Bremerton is a great place to live I guess, but I definitely miss the atmosphere in Seattle. Especially with great friends! I hope that I will get to see them SOON.


Jan. 20th, 2009

Ahhh. So we are back to where we started (pretty much). Living at home has its ups and downs. I've just been working and kickin it with old friends. I think I've said this like 44646345 times, but I miss Seattle so much! I can't wait til John is finished with school so that we can move out into our own place again.

I was thinking about getting a kitten, so that Bubba will have a friend to play with. But of course, if you know Bubba, he probably won't play very nicely with a cat. Oh well. We'll see if we come across one that we love.

Okay, I guess that's all I have to say. Bye everyone!
My birthday is next Wednesday! Wooohooo!! I think this may be the first year I'm not doing anything for it. Too broke =( .. plus I'll hafta work the day after and also the weekend. I hate going to work with a hangover. Last time I did that I had to nap in the car while it was slow hahaha.

I feel like gambling! I love poker! Even though I probably would never play that in a real casino. Just with fake money. Myspace money!!

I need to trim my hair. I can't wait until I cut all the perm out of it. It's so old now! Buuuutt I will miss having curly hair. Maybe if it wasn't so damaging and costly, I would do it again.

Oh well.
So we are all moved in back home. Well sorta, we still need to unpack all of our stuff. I'm going to miss Seaaaattttttle!!! Maybe some day we will move back, but I highly doubt that. I might be able to go to Kara's house for Chrisgiving!!! We'll see if my mom lets me have that night off. I would be so happy! YAY!

I've pretty much given up on our guests. I'm in 'I-DONT-CARE' mode haha. I don't care if you can't get onto the wireless connection in your room. I don't care that the room above you is being too noisy. I don't care if you need items delivered to your room, you can walk your lazy ass downstairs and get it!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA I DONT CAAAAAAARE!

My birthday is in 8 days! WOOHOOO I'll finally be 23, my favorite number!! It better be a good year for me damnit.
I am a huge procrastinator. And it doesn't help that John is also! We have been putting off packing until the last minute, now we have to be completely finished by tomorrow morning. ARGH, I hate moving.

The sun is finally coming up! I only have an hour left to go, then I get to go home and PACK PACK PACK! Booooo...

scrambled eggs!!
YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! We are finally moving out on November 30th. It's already so soon, and we haven't really started packing anything. I need some boxes!! I'm so happy to finally be moving, although I'm really really gonna miss Seattle, plus all my friends here! BUT it's okay, I will probably have more free time when I'm back home.

I gave my two weeks notice this morning, and she asked if I wanted to work 2 or 3 nights a week instead. I was thinking about it, I mean hey, extra money... buuuutttt I don't really want to commute. I'll miss everyone, especially the free food and laundry!

But I won't miss the guests!
Gosh, I am getting impatient!! I really want someone to move into our studio already! We've had three people look at our place, but still no word back. Someone else is coming today at 4, so maybe they will like it. The only bad thing (and probably the reason why no one wants it) is that our parking space is on a waitlist for other tenants who already live there. Street parking sucks, so I can see why anyone with a car wouldn't want to move in.

So the restaurant has been open for about 3 weeks, and I've been working there on my days off. It's nice spending time with my mom, but it sucks having to work all night at the hotel on Wednesday night, get off Thursday morning at 8AM, take the ferry to Bremerton, get maybe a couple hours of sleep, then go straight to the restaurant until close. Then on Sunday, work all day at the restaurant, take the ferry back to Seattle, take a short nap, then go straight to work at the hotel that night until 8AM on Monday. BLAH it's tiring. The tips are good, but I would just rather have a couple days off haha. Screw the money!! Just kidding, the main reason why I'm still doin it, and trying to move back home, is to help out mommy dearest. Truthfully, I can't wait to quit the hotel. Most of everyone who I started working with is gone, and the others I rarely see. PLUS, I can never hang out cuz I'm either workin audit, or in Bremerton and am too damn tired to do anything afterwards (besides visit Sofia!). Hopefully we will be able to find someone to move into our studio soon, gosh that would be fantastic! I will save so much money on rent, food, electricity, EVERYTHING really. The thing I'll miss the most is privacy. But that's okay, it's not like we haven't lived there before. I'm sure it will be okay, at least once I pay off all my bills and have no more debt! YAAAY! Then we can settle down into our own apartment again! Hopefully within a couple years haha.

Okay, time to set up breakfast!
I have nothing to write about haha. I can't believe John and I have been together for about 3 and a half years! Well, I CAN believe it, but time has been flying by! Everything else is pretty good in life too, except bills of course. I wish I made more money. Maybe I should start looking for a different job that will let me work 4 days a week that pays better.

Oh, my mom started a new restaurant!! It's not open yet, but within a few weeks it should be up and running. I'll be working there on my days off, so I'll be in Bremerton those days. I hope I don't get burnt out. It sucks that I'm not getting paid that much, but I just can't ask my mom for more money. Hopefully the tips will make it worth it. It would be nice to have a day off though. I better take advantage of my three day weekends for now! Once I start at her restaurant, I will never get to see my honey! =(

Hmm.. I'm bored. I've watched all my Netflix movies, so now I have nothing to do until 5AM. I should start bringing a book to read, but that just makes me sleepy. I've noticed that it doesn't get light outside until around 6:15-6:30, which sucks because the sun always wakes me up. Oh well.

I guess I'm just too boring to write anything exciting haha. I'm leaving to Cali in a couple days now! I'm so exccciiiitted for the weekend!

Okay, that's all for now.

P.S. Medical bills suck.
Yay I'm going to San Diego! I've never been to California, so I'm pretty excited! Teresa bought me a plane ticket to spend a three day weekend there. I'm leaving in two weeks! WOOHOOO!!

I wish I had enough vacation time to spend a week there, but I don't think I can request time off anyway since I just took 2 weeks (of sick time). Oh well. If I see LC, I'm gonna kick her and run away muhaha.

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